Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So glad

I dragged myself to yoga class tonight. I had a new teacher who not only sang, but also barked during class. It was an extremely challenging time for me this evening. I didn't eat or drink a lot today and had quite a few thoughts weighing on my mind, so I don't think I was really focusing on my breathing correctly. In fact, I know I wasn't because I became panicky at one point.

I managed to get through most of the poses but the end of class was hard. I had to sit out in camel.

Anyways, my point was it was such a fun time though. This new lady really caught me off guard in the beginning when she started barking, and in our final savasana, when she sang to us about counting our blessings instead of sheep, when we go to sleep.

I also would like to think she was speaking to me directly about not beating myself up too hard for not being able to complete camel.

So glad I went!!!

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