Friday, December 3, 2010

Thank goodness it's the weekend!

Been a rough week with one of my clients.

This guy has severe communication deficits and he is hard to keep under control, even with 24 hour oversight and supervison.(i.e. he curses and yells loudly out of frustration from his word-finding difficulties, often runs ahead of staff in the community, is unaware of any kind of dangerous situation and often finds himself in one). He was living in a behavioral center for several years and was discharged in late October. He was also taken off all mood stabilizers while in the behavioral place (probably because it's such a structured environment, it was "easier" to work with him there).

Now, his behaviors have been increasing. I've been trying to get him into a mental health clinic (many won't accept if someone has brain injury), but there's like a whole big long process and overall WAIT for him to be evaluated with the ones who will consider him. We were planning to just walk him into the local psych ER and ask for him to be checked out and hopefully given something to tide him over until he can get into treatment somewhere........when boom...........quick as anything he had a really bad seizure (hasn't had one since he was in a coma when he got his TBI). So he is in the hospital now.

While you never wish someone gets sick or ends up in the hospital, it is definitely for the best, because he can get a good work up now, and hopefully be put on some meds to keep him a little more stable (I say A LITTLE because I know he's always going to have issues). If he refused to go with staff to the ER (which was a strong possibility!), we would've eventually had to call EMS and I KNEW that was not going to be a pretty scene with this guy.

I am trying to get some information from the hospital on how he is doing, but of course, no one has called me back yet ;). Another day,

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