Friday, December 10, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday

I am going to play along today. I love Lauren's Blog.

1. I wish I had a million dollars. Totally. I'd even settle for something more reasonable, like 10 grand. Or even 5 or 3. Money has been very tight these days because of DH's business. Coming up with our mortgage has been difficult, and because of that, our savings is slowly going buh-bye.

2. Yesterday I resolved lots of client issues that could have had the potential to escalate into not so good things.

3. Today I will work from home, and hang out with my little hellion of a son LOL.

4. Tomorrow I will
probably just lounge around the house, maybe run to the grocery store or Target and enjoy my day off with Matteo.

5. Maybe
I will hit up a yoga class or two this weekend. (Fingers crossed).

6. Someday I just wish everyone going through some kind of bad stuff could have peace in their lives and all of their needs met, whatever they may be.

7. I love when things are calm and quiet. That is all :)


  1. I LOVE this post. Totally agree with #7. Calm and quiet is a very, very good thing. :)

  2. i am hoping to hang out around the house too. it will never happen though. there's always something to get done.

  3. Ooo, a million dollars, please! That would be nice around the holidays!