Saturday, December 4, 2010

Is it worth it?

Most of my yoga tops and sports bras are from places like Old Navy, Target and Wal-Mart. I usually don't spend more than $15.00 on stuff like that. However, I have noticed that what I have now doesn't really offer much support, especially for someone like me who is well, fairly heavily endowed up there.

I am constantly finding myself pulling and straightening my top out after most poses, which is not really what you are supposed to be focusing on in class ;).

I have been browsing different yoga and running sites lately such as this one, and after speaking to several other yoga lovers and runners for their suggestions, I think I may need to just suck it up and spend the money on a couple expensive tops. I guess cheaper is not necessarily better, but if I have some costly ones, at least they SHOULD last a long time and also hold the girls in where they need to be so I can focus more on my practice.

Any particular yoga tops, stores or websites you can recommend that offer good support?

I suspect I will get a few Amex gift cards for the holidays, so the plan is to use them towards this.


  1. I can't talk TOO much about support "up there" (being a male) but I know my wife swears by lululemon. It's expensive but it will last a LOT longer than anything you buy from Old Navy.

  2. Just a quick update...........I finally found some for on the cheap for $10.00 for a pack of Wal-Mart of all places! They fit SO well. I still can't bring myself to spend the money at Lulu, but maybe one day.........

    Here's the link: