Friday, November 12, 2010

Question of the Day

How do you deal with other providers who are part of the team, however, constantly seem to be working against the team instead of with it?

How do you work with "professionals" who you start to question their sanity at times?

Especially when they constantly try to stir up drama and focus on dead-horse issues that are not immediately fixable over and over again?

I feel like you can give me any difficult client to work with and I can figure out a good strategy but when it's another helping provider............I just want to spit nails at them sometimes. I feel like this is where I want to draw the line.

I think the helping professions tends to draw people into them that don't always have control over their own stuff, and that is where these power struggles stem from.

Anyways, I am SO happy it's the weekend!!!!


  1. Luckily, the team I work with now is pretty cohesive, but in the past I have worked with an interdisciplinary team where one member was a bit of a drama queen.

    She would expect me and other social workers to fix issues like homelessness and severe substance abuse overnight--and often when the client didn't want to be fixed at all.

    I just kept patiently explaining to her that I could offer people options for change but that I couldn't make them change. I don't know if she finally got the point or just gave up, but after awhile, she did leave me alone!

    Debra Stang
    Alliant Professional Networking Specialist

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha!! Sounds like when I used to work for an ACT team. I left that job in under a year because I just couldn't take it. It was making me feel unstable!