Friday, November 5, 2010

I still can't

shake this awful cold. I was starting to feel better a day or two ago, and even went to a yoga class. Big mistake. I ended up having to sit out basically the whole floor series as I felt like I was going to vomit the entire time.

I also can tell that the holiday season is starting with many of my clients.........just lots of problems coming up with them in general, in addition to the tons of things I need to follow up on for my new cases coming into the community.

I haven't really had a moment to rest and my body is very upset with me for it.

It sucks. I know I need to just take a few days for myself, but if I do that........things will be even more stressful at work. My boss did promise me that he is going to offer the open Service Coordinator position to someone today, so hopefully, that will take some of the burden off my shoulders. We shall see. One of my co-workers and I have been joking all week on whether or not the person he hires will stay.

I often feel like you have to be crazy to do what I do for a living!!! There are lots of perks that come with the positon, but there is lots of dysfunction junction too.

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