Sunday, November 28, 2010

Checkin' in

Nothing much new to report. Work is still pretty crazy busy most days.

I was happy to get a little relaxation in this weekend.

Thursday family came down, I went to an early morning yoga class, came home, ate dinner around 2PM, and then afterwards, I delivered Thanksgiving leftovers to three of my clients who I knew were alone for the holiday. This made me feel really good inside. Especially because two of them were sitting alone in the dark with no Thanksgiving meal, and the other was eating a dried-up, burnt looking sweet potato his aide had made him as his "main meal".

Friday I went into work and got a bunch of stuff done. I rarely go into the office on Fridays, but it was nice and definitely needed. Most businesses were closed, or people had taken the day off to shop. (Something I've personally never gotten into).

Yesterday was DS holiday photo shoot. Most of it took place outdoors and he and his cousins were completely miserable and uncooperative. The photographer did email however and said she got a bunch of good shots so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Today I have mostly been catching up on laundry. DH and DS are stringing up the lights outside, and have already made one Home Depot run (Thank you recent anniversary gift card from the 'rents). I am planning to go to yoga today at either 12:30 or 3. Then I am planning to make a big batch of pumpkin soup. My sister and her boyfriend are coming down tonight for a couple of days.

So, in a nutshell, this is what I've been up to folks. Hope your holiday weekend was happy and relaxing as well!

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