Friday, July 2, 2010

4 day weekend!!

I don't have to be back at work until Tuesday. Yes, I am very excited about that. We are planning to resume our car search at some point though this weekend.

I am NOT looking forward to that. Earlier this week we looked at the Honda Pilot and Nissan Pathfinder. We didn't test-drive either yet. The Nissan dealership didn't have any Pathfinders in stock which seemed kinda crazy to me. They just had a used 2007 model. The Honda dealership was of course trying to push the highest-end model of the Pilot. He also insisted all the 2010 models had been "sold out for months and he didn't expect to be getting any more". The salesman quoted ridiculous prices for a lease as well (something like $7K down and $600 or $700 a month). You have to be shitting me. I know new cars are expensive, but for a lease, my research has shown that you should put little to nothing down, and $700.00 a month payment? For a HONDA? Yeah, Honda's are great cars, but I better be getting a MERCEDES to be paying that much a month for a LEASE!!

Some of the SUVS/crossovers we plan to look at this weekend are the following:

Mazda CX9 (my absolute fave right now!)
Jeeps (Cherokee, Liberty)
Chevy Traverse
Toyota 4runner

Wish me luck for this. I hope we find a great deal. Otherwise we will continue to look and pray that I run into no more problems with my car and that it lasts until we find something that fits our needs, and most importantly, our budget.


  1. My mom drove a used Nissan Pathfinder (I think it was a 2005 model) for a few years and had nothing but problems with it. It was in the shop every other week between the engine, transmission, gas tank, water cooler, or something else. She ended up trading it in for Toyota and is much happier. Just my two cents.

  2. Yeah, this isn't on the top of my list either. I think it is way too big for our needs. I am leaning more towards crossovers. DH likes the idea of bigger space though, and the third seat. I think we will need to compromise though on something like a CX9 or Traverse.