Friday, March 26, 2010

Lazy day Fridays

I have off Fridays from work. (I have an arrangement with my employer that I will work Mon-Thurs in exchange for Fridays off given all my work is in on time and I am reachable in case of an emergency on a Friday).

It's so refreshing after running around non-stop all week long to have this "extra" day of rest added to my weekends. It even seems more precious to me than a payraise LOL!

While I am one of those people who has to shower and dress basically as soon as I wake, I usually spend most of the morning lounging around in the living room, watching tv with my son and catching up on stuff like social work blogs and such that I don't have time to read during the week.

I get paid on Fridays as well so usually my biggest chore is finding the motivation to get out and head to the bank.

I have been doing well with my budgeting challenge this month so heading off to the stores even to just hit up bargains like I used to do in the past, is something that is even disappearing in my life on Fridays.

I have tried to add a yoga class in on Fridays as well.

So that's basically my Friday as of late, and even though it's a very lazy day with not much going on.............I am thankful for that.

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