Saturday, March 13, 2010

Entitlement at work

I tend to come across two types of clients at work: the one's who pretty much grew up with nothing, so are grateful and humble for anything they can have access to which can help make their situation slightly better.....


The one's who actually have access to money or family who can provide assistance to them, but don't see this as being a "resource" and form of support.

It is usually the second type that is calling me ALL THE TIME at work, who never want to take "no" for an answer when I tell them I am not going to be able to help them get what they want.

I understand WHERE they are coming from, and as a parent, if this was my son in their situation, I would probably want my child to have access to whatever he could get.


I think in today's times, where resources are limited, and in some cases, non-existent, FAMILY is going to have to be part of the equation in being able to provide support.

If you are a social worker or case manager, how do you deal with clients who feel "entitled"?

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