Friday, March 4, 2016

Not super exciting

for most out there, but I started another 20 challenge last night.
Wasn't able to make first two nights in March because my husband worked late and I needed to be with my son.
We also are doing a wellness challenge at work, so I've been doing some kind of exercise or relaxation activity daily.
It's been super motivating, I incorporate into my client groups and I really look forward to this stuff.  I came up with an impromtu silly for my clients yesterday...We painted a group mural with feet, hands or some kind of object if one didn't want to touch the paint. Almost everyone participated and were feeling better after the session because it was so ridiculous.
I even last minute brought a work friend to yoga with me last night for her first class.

Of course I'm dragging today because of less sleep (major con of weeknight classes), but it's Friday.  

Did you get in anything relaxing this week? Did you do anything impromtu and silly?

I hope you find time for something wellness-related over the weekend.

1 down, 19 to go....

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