Monday, March 7, 2016


Got two classes in this weekend. For that I am proud.
Saturday my head was in a really good place and I was able to really focus during class, despite any distractions going on around me.  That was such an awesome feeling. Focusing and getting into a zone during Bikram is probably one of the biggest challenges of this yoga.  I did come home and ended up crashing, even sleeping past 8am on Sunday which never happens.

I had plans to get a double in that morning but my body was just not up for it.  I needed my morning and early afternoon to recharge, not to mention catch up on all my normal Sunday things. Like laundry and grocery shopping. I always feel stressed if I don't have these things done before I focus on myself.

The 3pm yesterday was a good class, but I was in a different mind and body space. My balance was off, my bum knee was hurting and my mind kept drifting.  But the heat also wasn't super intense and I was able to get thru every pose, which can be rare some days.

I also got some coloring in on Saturday.  The print I'm working on is very detailed so it will probably take me a few more days to complete.

It's now Monday and I'm tired but I'm planning to attend yoga tonight no matter what.  I am already feeling a positive transformation, especially with the wellness stuff I've been doing through work, and want to keep that going.

One of the work studies at my studio randomly told me yesterday I looked like I lost weight and I just seemed much healthier.....

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