Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Lucky # 13

This is the amount of classes left to go in my July challenge.

We shall see......overall 13 doesn't seem like such a bad #. It's much closer to 10 which is much closer to 7 and then 5 where it makes sense to not stop since you're so close.

How is your week going everyone? Whether you yoga or not?

I got a new student this week and so far, things are good.

I also secured both of my new students for the fall.

One of them a colleague knows and ended up calling me to tell me when she saw the student post on social media about how excited they were about their placement.  They told me I made an excellent choice, and I was touched when they said "because they remind me of you".

I also have court today for my first speeding ticket ever.

I wish I could just pay the fine instead of going there, but everyone I talked to advised against that so I get no points on my license which will make my insurance go up.

It's my first one ever so I'm trying to look at it as a new experience, and a costly one at that.....

I don't speed as a rule and have definitely learned my lesson.

Is it time to get ready for work already?

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