Sunday, July 6, 2014

I've been quiet lately

I did start another challenge this month, but so far, I'm just not as into it. It could be the busyness with the holiday weekend or it could be something else that if you have followed me on Twitter, know has really upset me:

 I wasn't acknowledged with the rest of the challengers who finished in completing.
I did mention it to the owner, but that was 2 days ago and it's still not fixed.

I know in the grand scheme of things, it's probably really silly, but it's hard not to get paranoid and feel excluded.  This was NOT easy for me to finish by any means.

And what bothers me more is that I spend a lot of money and time at the studio, not to mention constantly giving it good press.

It's kind of ironic to find myself being mad at yoga, something that is supposed to be good for me....but that's how I am right now.

I think too that maybe the studio is just getting too big.....

I'm to the point where I actually want to start seeing what else is out there in terms of the yoga community.

It sucks though because there are no other hot yoga studios super close by.

I feel stuck :(

I also feel like people who don't practice, just don't "get" why I'm upset either.....


  1. Thinking of you! Yoga is one of the hardest things I do. It is literally a pain in the ass to drag myself to the studio (which is literally 5 blocks from my home). I'm glad when I do it, but I'm exhausted from my day, it's hard work, and sometimes getting over the mental block of "why can't I do this pose yet," etc is the toughest thing. That said, I still love it, and I think I understand why it's so upsetting why you weren't included. It is a TOUGH thing for a working mama to pull off a challenge like that!! (And then when the studio starts to feel like an anonymous gym ... yeah. Tough as well.)

  2. Thanks so much for responding and getting it. I'm really hoping that the studio makes it right....