Saturday, November 16, 2013

2nd student update?

So I don't think I will be getting the 2nd student.

The school gave us both a very hard time because I could not wave my magic social work wand and have them start immediately.

I work for a large healthcare system and the onboarding process on average takes 3 weeks to 1 month.

From what I was told, they are now being forced to go to another placement that will take them sight unseen.

I feel bad, but there's also A LOT going on at work right now for me, new clients starting, my LMSW test is coming up and the program will be getting some other students from different (non-social work) disciplines so it's not all that terrible.

If I were in this student's shoes, I would be super pissed off with the school and look into trying to get some or all of my money back.

The thing that sucks though, is that even if the student decided to drop out and go elsewhere, they may need to take their first semester courses over since from what I have seen, a lot of schools don't credit you for them.

Obviously it's a money thang ;).

This has definitely been a learning experience though.

For those of you who field instruct, have you seen similar problems?

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  1. just hang in there! social work is a tough gig