Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's in the mail!

Mailed out my LMSW application this morning to the NYS Department of Education Office of the Professions.

Now I can sit back and wait for the go ahead to take the test.

And continue studying, of course.

My MSW student is supposed to start on Monday and I attended day 1 of the SIFI orientation earlier this week.

I am hoping they aren't going to be pissed with me. I am going to already have to miss the first official day of class. It will only be the intern's second day on the job, and as a program, we are not comfortable leaving him alone for even just the hour he would be alone for, with up to 15 clients, some who can be a handful.

I emailed the school yesterday and asked for them to put me in contact with the professor so I can get a copy of the syllabus and pick up the book to begin my assignments. Since I have to go through the secretary I am sure this is going to be an interesting response.........she's already been somewhat difficult to deal with. This is the same lady who told me I would be "breaking the law" if I took the SIFI class, since I do not yet have my license.

I don't know about anyone else, but I am convinced that most secretaries who work in college settings do not know what they are talking about half the time, and the other half, they purposely try to mess with students to stress them out even more. I remember those days fondly from undergrad and grad. Financial aide departments especially come to mind.....

Anyway, one of the other social workers attending though has told me we are allowed up to 3 absences. She has completed the 1st day already and this is what she was told by the professor.

Anyone else experience this before during your SIFI training?

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