Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hello again friends

Well my student started. They were only in one day because the school was closed the rest of the week for the Jewish holidays.

While they appeared to like it, I feel this week will be the true test since they will be there for the full three days.

I asked them if they see themselves returning and they said "they think so but will need to see". (Don't know how to interpret THAT).

I know with first year students, things can be pretty shaky in the beginning.

Just remembering back to my first placement, we had some people drop out the first couple of weeks, stating social work was NOT for them.

I also got to speak with my SIFI professor who was very understanding about my need to miss the first day of class. At first, she said "just leave your student some articles to read". I was like "I can't. I would need to leave them alone with the group for an hour. On their FIRST day. I don't think that is okay". She chuckled then and said I made a great call and should absolutely not come to class.

She emailed me the syllabus and I ordered and already received the book and have begun looking over my assignments.

It all seems pretty straightforward, and I am hoping I can stay on top of everything, because I feel like all things social work in my life are beginning to pile up.

I have quite a few service plans due for my contract job and need to find some time this weekend to just suck it up and get them done, because it's nice to be able to sock that extra money away for if we need it.

Speaking of money, my supervisor also told us we are getting a 2.something percent cost of living raise in October. It probably will only average out to be a few extra $$$ per paycheck, but it still made me smile from ear to ear.

It's SO nice to finally be working in a place where I feel appreciated.

And a place where I also have real supervision.

Every week we meet and she always asks me if I'm happy with my choice, because she's happy with my choice :)

It's like night and day people. Night and day.

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  1. I'm so happy for you that you have found a position where you are appreciated and are already growing professionally :)