Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wow it's July

How did that happen?

It seems like summer crept up on me so unexpectedly.

I am used to my new job now, and getting into that whole routine. Only thing that's anxiety-provoking is that although I am getting paid the same, I need to get used to a bi-weekly pay schedule instead of weekly. (Any tips for me?)

I haven't taken on any new work at the old job.

But I also think that's because the referral source is so backed up, that I haven't been offered anything else to take on.

I completely lost my yoga steam. The time commitment and being away from my son when I already have limited time with him, is the major thing I believe that was getting to me, because I NEVER regret the class when I do go.

Instead, I decided to join the gym again. I have one 2 minutes away from my house that also has childcare AND child classes at a ridiculously low cost vs. what I've already paid for yoga. So he can go with me!! I start up with a trainer this coming Monday. (Decided to enjoy the holiday weekend and go in full steam in the new week LOL).

The hours are great too(4:30AM to midnight)AND I can pay monthly and cancel at anytime.

This time around I'm looking to take advantage of all they have to offer instead of just doing boring stuff like the treadmill and a few weight machines, which I think is the quickest way to lose motivation with the gym. I'm going to try to get up early too, so I can be done with it for the day and relax and be lazy when I get home from work ;).

It's my goal to try some of their classes and eventually complete a round of crossfit, even if I feel like a fool doing it.

I still have my yoga membership so I will try to keep that up on the weekends and in the fall again when the weather gets cooler.

I'm going up to PA to see my sister for a few days next weekend so I'm looking forward to that. My parents are also going to keep my son from our visit to PA for about a week or so while everyone else in the family is at Disney (We opted out because of funds, lack of desire to go and well, I did just start a new job so am missing this thing called vacation time).

I have also sent in our first payments to the architect so we should be starting upgrades on our house very soon. (Take that Sandy!).

The plan is to put in new siding and windows, move our front door, add on a covered front porch, knock down our living room wall to make an open floor plan, and lastly, install my dream kitchen.

Sheesh. As I type this out I guess I can see that I do have a lot going on, even though it doesn't always feel that way.

How's your summer going so far?

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