Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gyming it

Started officially last night and I love it!

Have my 2nd session with the trainer tomorrow. At 5:30AM!

Need to be there a little earlier to do my cardio to warm up.

I also met with two trainers last night to talk about easing into a routine (their philosophy to keep you realistic and motivated) and improving my nutrition.

One of them also told me what I basically already know........if I can cut out carbs (especially bread and pasta) at least every other day combined with 30-45 minutes at the gym, I should drop 20 lbs. pretty quickly. Even within WEEKS not months.

Oh, and water. Need to totally up the water intake. He said for every cup of coffee I drink, I need to drink two cups of water after.

So we shall see. There wasn't a super sales-pitch. They are giving me another free session with a different trainer to see how I like him. But signing up with one is bank. Even more expensive than yoga, which I didn't think was possible. Need to see if this woman who teaches there is still willing to give me a few free sessions.

Have you ever paid for a trainer? Do you think it's worthwhile? Note: If I do decide to go with a trainer it would have to be very short-term because the prices he quoted me were pretty outrageous (I bet this is how they keep their monthly membership cost so low).

Small steps. Small steps.......


  1. Hope everything is going well with your trainer! My fiance is actually my trainer haha. He is a professional soccer player and studied sports and exercise science in college so he knows a lot about what work outs to do, what to eat, and so on. :)


  2. I have recently started seeing a trainer and love it! I was scared of the whole situation and thought it would be too expensive but after I honestly told them I wouldnt be able to afford their normal prices, they gave me a student discount, a discount for just joining the gym, and a few others and brought the prices down. It has helped me so much and I just thought I would try to encourage others to at least try it!