Thursday, February 7, 2013

Decisions, decisions

Just looking for advice on what has helped you when you were faced with having to make a decision about taking a major chance at something.


Yesterday, a potential job opportunity has basically fallen into my lap.

Some of the pros are it's a salary increase, the benefits are so much better than I have now (they pay for the majority of family health insurance, have so many more days off) and like my current role, I could create my own schedule, work from home, etc.

The person who is in the role now called me twice and spoke to me for about 30 minutes about it and was texting me all day encouraging me, as they see me as one of the top 3 for the spot. In their words, the other 2 don't have as specific experience for the job and would require a lot more training.

I have reservations though for the following:

1.) It is the go-to Director person for my region. I don't know if I am qualified in my mind.
2.) You have to deal with a lot stress with clients/client family/CEOs of major companies when you need to tell them NO.
3.) The person I would need to report to is difficult at best, and often the reason for client/client family/CEO issues.
4.) I have known people to take the role in a different region who have left the position after several months, related to reasons 1-3 (plus it is a lot of paperwork).
5.) Person in role now told me that their biggest stressor is dealing with threats from unstable people, especially in today's world of Sandy Hook and similar. My name would become well known. In both a potentially positive and potentially negative light. It would not be out of the realm of possibility now that you could google me and find crazy things unstable people may write that are not true.
6.) I am very comfortable where I am. My boss has had this position before too at one point and I don't know how he would take it if I left for this (he lost his position because his contract expired and it went to a different company. His role now is much better/higher paying anyway).
7.) With budget changes I don't know how long a position like this will exist. As I stated above I am very comfortable where I am, and no one knows where you end up once the contract ends. The job market these days is very scary. (Note: My boss has been known to take back employees who have left for something that did not work out. I of course would have this discussion with him if offered the job).

They are supposed to be calling me this morning to set up an interview which of course I will go on.

Have you ever been in a similar position? What helped make your decision easier?

NOTE: DH and his family feel I should go for it. My parents feel that there's something to be said for stability and low stress.


  1. Wow, that is a tough one. I can see why you are torn. What is your gut telling you? My interpretation of your blog is that you are leaning towards staying where you are :)

  2. Thanks for responding. I actually have not heard back about setting up an interview. Maybe they found a better candidate. In any event, I think you are probably right.

    I am very comfy where I am, and I already know the negatives and stress level.