Thursday, February 28, 2013

Another good resource

I keep meaning to share this site, because I use it frequently for work when I need to find a doctor/specialist for a client, especially one that accepts their insurance or speaks their language.


You can even set the appointment up for them online and receive reminders.

I don't think it's specific to the NY/LI area either.

Although, like everything else, resources unfortunately can still be scarce, and you may still be met with that big fat 0 when you punch in what you are looking for.

I've learned that in my own personal life, trying to find an OT for my son.

I finally did find one yesterday, who I actually ended up randomly meeting face to face when she took a trial run to see how long the drive would be from her last student.

We need to keep on keepin' on finding the needed services and supports for our peeps.

Creativity is often key, as well as just stalking our other social work friends or other people who utilize similar services for themselves or family.

Happy almost weekend all!

Today is our long awaited staff meeting day which means I will either need a strong drink immediately after, or I will be hitting up the yoga room. Maybe both!

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