Saturday, November 10, 2012

More updates from the storm

We are still displaced at my ILs. While we have a great relationship with them, having to stay with other people is stressful for all involved.

I can tell by my ILs body language and facial expressions that having constant guests is getting to them.

I think we will all be happy when things are "normal" again and we can move back into our house.

We do not have power or gas yet. Since we flooded, our home needs to be inspected before these utilities can be turned on. It's a process to get in touch with the people who need to make this happen. We were initially aiming to be back in our home by Thanksgiving, but at this point, even 12/1 seems to be a stretch.

DH was able to get his hands on a new boiler and hot water heater, and they are currently sitting in boxes in our kitchen.

Met with FEMA twice.

Home owners is not coming to meet with us until the end of November though, since they are so overwhelmed.

So we have not received $$$$ from anyone.

Most of my block is deserted at this point. There's a curfew and cops and National Guard are still out in full force.

Anywhere you go, there are huge dumpsters filled with the remnants of peoples homes.

Or trash just lines the street.

Every day I feel like I hear yet another horrible story about someone I know personally who has it much worse than I do though.

I think it is going to take a very long time----years maybe-----for most of the people who have been affected by the storm to recover.

If they do at all. It's not uncommon to hear people say they want to give up their house and they don't care if they have bankruptcy on their record.

The gas situation is still horrendous.

They have made odd and even # days to fill up though so I am hearing it's getting "slightly" better.

Overall, I feel bad for the people affected by the storm who were already struggling though.

Housing was already a huge resource lacking in our community. I have a huge feeling of dread about what is going to happen with the poor and disabled who have lost their homes.

Now people who have to pay a mortgage on top of rent since they are not able to live in their homes, cannot find places to stay.

And there are going to be even more people needing help because of the storm, since they were already struggling before it even hit.

People who are used to making it on their own, now may find themselves needing assistance from a system that was broken years before Sandy.

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  1. I read your blog often and just wanted to let you know you're in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care of yourself. (It's terrible to think how much is going to change for so many - heartbreaking.)