Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sometimes other social workers piss me off

Have you ever vented about things that piss you off about many of the systems that we work in?

Especially issues that some (Note: Not All) clients have done that get under your skin?

Primarily when it comes to money, entitlement and getting over?

Yeah, as social workers I know we're trained to "get it".

I, for one understand the dynamics behind it, and can't honestly say I wouldn't act the same way if I was suddenly in many a client's shoes.

I also know it's not very social work-ey of me to think ill of some of the people I have come across.

As social workers, I am aware that we should constantly stand up for people as a whole (even if gasp, there are a few bad apples) and not mention things that may or may not be portrayed as true in the media.


Just because we have a certain title, doesn't mean we need to sit back and bury our heads in the sand and be la de da about certain issues.

We're you ever outright attacked by other social workers for voicing your opinions about negatives you witness in the field?

Because honestly, nothing disgusts me more than when social work colleagues take on a holier than thou stance that we, as humans, tax payers, people with feelings....persons that are NOT JUST OUR DAMN TITLE are not entitled to feel the way we do about others we come across through our work.

I also think it's pretty awful when the ASSumption is made too that we treat the people we come across badly or unprofessionally because of our underlying feelings.

Or the best----when a blanket statement is made to the tune of "maybe you should just leave your job if you feel that way". (Hmmmmm, like it's always so easy to just leave. Or just because I come across a few clients I don't like on occasion HERE what makes you think that won't happen THERE. Idiot).

I think a lot of us have the ability to act professionally.

And usually do.

One of the best professors I ever had in graduate school use to always talk about how it was total bull shit that social work was not a judgmental profession.

Because as social workers, that's basically all we do all damn day.

We judge our clients. We judge our bosses. We judge the people we work with. We judge OURSELVES.

But to try to throw your colleagues under the bus, ESPECIALLY when you haven't walked in their shoes..........well, that's the worst kind of judgment to me.

Our field is already isolating and stressful.

This kind of attitude just makes it even more of both.

Every social worker has the right to feel however the heck they want to feel.

And every single one of us have the right to be angry at times. How does this make us bad for the profession? If we were negative constantly every second of the day, maybe, however, often anger is what leads to passion to make things happen and change for the BETTER.

And on that note, when was the last time YOU met a perfect social worker? I know I'm not!!! Far from it in fact.......

I'm ever changing and ever learning.

And thank goodness for that!!!


  1. It sounds like it's been a rough week for you! (But social work just sounds like it must be rough emotionally, I'm always so impressed at you.) I hate it in any job when some says that, "You should leave if you don't like it!" Like saying that will solve anything. :P

  2. I relate completely. I myself am a social worker and try to find the positives in everyone I work with but sometimes it is just so damn hard. We have the title "social worker", yet our biggest identity is still a human. It is impossible to feel a strong, positive connection with every person we come into contact with. We SHOULD be able to talk about the things that are driving us nuts and the people we can't work with! Knowing our limits and venting once in a while is the only way we can stay SANE!!

  3. Social workers are human, so yeah, we definitely judge. When we do, we're just supposed to be aware that we're judging and to think about how it might affect how we interact with our clients. And we ALL need a place to vent. Personally, I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have that.