Thursday, April 12, 2012

When co-workers leave

One of my colleagues, who has worked with me for the past 4 years, called me yesterday to say that he found another job doing something completely different and in line with what he's ultimately been wanting to do in our field. He put in his resignation and will be leaving in 2 weeks.

We chatted and wished each other well, and then he reminded me again of a gift he gave me about a year ago when I moved away from him to a different office..........a study guide for the LMSW exam.

He told me again that if I am ever going to leave my current job, I NEED to have my license.

And then he stated that I am still a lot younger than he is and I shouldn't make my current agency my lifetime employer. (Unless of course, I wanted to).

I have other people I work with say this to me at least once a week. They ask why I stay where I am; state that I have a Master's degree, lots of experience, I'm a hard worker and that there has got to be a better way.

I do agree with them, and frequently think about---no DREAM about leaving.

However, there are also a lot of other little perks that I know I would probably not have if I went somewhere else (especially to a hospital which is ultimately where I would like to be because of the union benefits).

I know that I have to get my LMSW if I want to work in a healthcare facility or similar setting, and really, I'm just being lazy about pursuing that right now.

It always makes me stop and reflect when I see people I work with move on to bigger or better.

Maybe I'm just scared. Maybe I'm making excuses. Perhaps I've just gotten way too comfortable. I know my job and what to expect........I could make a mistake and end up with something worse elsewhere, or get laid off, or who knows......

That's the thing though. I don't know about what else I want to do..........Or at least I'm not SERIOUSLY ready to make a move.

I am sure I will get there one day too, however for now, the craziness of my homecare agency is what works for me, and is what I want to do.

And I can still dream about working elsewhere, even someplace NOT social work related at all ;). What social worker HASN'T thought of applying to Starbucks....

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  1. I have these thoughts all the time. Although I wouldn't apply to Starbucks - my alternate-reality dream job is to stock shelves somewhere on a night shift. Everything would be so organized and quiet - and I'd be the only person around *sigh*