Monday, April 16, 2012

oh Monday............

you always creep up on me so suddenly.

what was I thinking when I went ahead and scheduled an intake for 8:00 this morning. I don't believe I will even have coffee (fully) in me yet.

I also have another intake later this afternoon.

and lots of paperwork to finish somehow in between.

busy, busy week ahead.


  1. I get to work by 8:00 AM every morning but I always schedule my first appointment for 8:30 AM. There's something about getting to the office and seeing your patient sitting there waiting for you that makes you feel like you're starting the day behind schedule. That thirty minutes in the morning to get settled probably makes a significant contribution to the maintenance of my sanity.

  2. Ha, I totally know the feeling. I like have a couple of hours to knock of my big tasks of the day with no interruptions.