Sunday, March 18, 2012

yoga medal

This is the saying on the back of the medal I was given yesterday in honor of completing my hot yoga challenge back in February.

I know some people think quotes like this are cheesy, but regardless, I love them, and wanted to share.

It is so fitting for everything related to our frame of mind when it comes to our thoughts.

Whether it's just finding the energy to attend a hot yoga class on a lazy day off, to dealing with a client at work we anticipate is going to be difficult or just tackling an issue that's weighing heavily in our own personal life.

What do you think of the quote?

Do you have any other favorite ones you like instead?

I hope all of you out there are having a lovely weekend.

Today I am pretty stationary, just relaxing around my house and keeping it local.

I sat outside for a bit, then I did some shopping at the nearby outdoor mall(yay for new spring stuff!) and now I am finishing up cooking ribs in my crockpot and getting ready to throw some mac 'n cheese in the oven.

Yum comfort food!!

I have a busy week ahead. The program I work for is doing a 2-day client expo to try to bring new participants on board.

I also have to write up another long admission's package with hopes I can get it in early and make myself some more bonus dinero.

Other than that, I am hoping the delicious weather sticks around. Loving these temps and sun!

How is your weekend going in your neck of the woods?

Any big plans for social work and beyond this week?

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