Friday, March 30, 2012


I don't know about for you guys, but for me, this week has been another long and tiring one in the world of social work.

I feel like I've been driving all over the universe, doing tons of intakes for new clients.

Many who will be super complicated and require lots and lots.

Yesterday I actually decided to turn down a case because of that fact, and not to mention that the guy was totally dishonest about some things in his life that will make it pretty impossible to meet his needs.

You can't help everyone right?

Today I am looking forward to just working at home on whatever little things may come up and overall, just relaxing with my son.

I don't have any major plans this weekend, except a birthday party at one of those bouncy places where you can act like a kid again for a few hours.

As always, I am hoping to get some yoga in too. I've strayed a lot from my practice this month and it's really ONLY related to my just being lazy and not wanting to go back out once I get home from work.

That, and last weekend discovering The Hunger Games which took precedence over everything else :) FYI: If you haven't read the games yet, I can't recommend enough. I finished the whole book in one weekend which is almost impossible for me to do.

Now I am secretly planning how I can sneak away by myself to go and see the movie.........

So that in a nutshell has been my week loves.

How are things going for you?

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  1. My four year old niece had her birthday party at one of those bouncy places a few months ago. My husband and I had a blast crawling through the tunnels and bouncing around. We even managed to find one without kids for a while and bounced ourselves silly.