Friday, October 28, 2011

Round and round and round we go

It is Friday and I am drained!

If you are a social worker, or just a human being that works, you always prepare yourself for problems that will happen with your clients on the day before the weekend.

And dealing with a problem is exactly what I've been doing since 8:00 this morning.

What the latest and greatest is, I have a person I work with in NYC that
about a year ago, began having seizures.

He also has some major behavioral issues, and problems communicating verbally so does come off as a pretty scary guy.

He was hospitalized for several weeks and discharged with several meds to control both (seizures + behavior).

Anyways, fast forward a few months, he's been a bit resistant at times with following up on his appointments, which lead to scampering around to try to get refills, not to mention trips here and there to the ER.

I finally got him settled into a clinic near his house where he has been compliant with appointments, but now the clinic has been "non-compliant", as their doctors won't write scripts for refills because doctors from
another place had written them previously.

He had to go to the ER last night related to this, and he has to go back again today because THE CLINIC cancelled an appointment with him (well actually they did not even notify him) and will not write refills now.

I am in the process of connecting the guy to a better health center, but if you are in the system and rely on Medicaid, your choices are limited and your wait time is long.

Because of this, I have also been ranting like a lunatic all day because I KNOW that we will probably run into this issue again even if he is able to get some meds today to tide him over.

It is a never ending cycle of which I am begging will soon come to an end if we can find a good outpatient provider.

I am remaining hopeful.........fingers crossed.

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