Saturday, July 23, 2011

This social worker

is finally, officially on VACAY!!!!

And all of my big problems from earlier this week (i.e. wheelchair-accessible apartment guy) ended up working themselves out.

Because our job can be quite overwhelming and nuts and we do not have much supervision, a really cool service coordinator ended up quitting this week.

A new one started, and their eyes were like saucers taking this all in.

I will have mucho amounts of work to head back to on August 1st, but right now all I have to worry about is laundry and packing.

Hopefully I will be getting in another hot yoga class this afternoon and possibly early tomorrow.

Sunday we are heading Upstate for the day to hit my parents' pool.

Then we are meeting my sister and her boyfriend in the evening to drive down to his family's shore house in New Jersey for a few days.

When we are done with that, we will head back to home to just relax, with more local beach and yoga!!! (It doesn't take much to make me happy on my days off).

Happy happy everybody!!


  1. Enjoy your vacation! You definitely deserve it.

  2. Enjoy! Can't wait for my hols next week. Even if it is a stay-cation!

  3. ohh enjoy your vacation! thanks for your comment too, its nice to have support from other social workers!