Friday, July 15, 2011

More client housing drama

Just needed to vent because it's been a rough day.

So I've been trying to bring a guy who requires a wheelchair into the community for more than a year now. He's been in the nursing home even LONGER than that.

Anyways, back in May I met with their family member at a local apartment complex, and she put $$$ down to hold an apartment that we were promised was "totally wheelchair accessible" for 7/15.

The family member went to pick up the keys today and guess what?!

The apartment they had is NOT w/c accessible.

I am so furious. We are all going there on Monday with a nurse, to see if there is some "out of the box" kind of way we can make this work, but if not, my guy is pretty much going to be screwed until I can find him someplace new.

FWIW, we DID ask if we could look at the actual apartment he would have back in May, but were told we could not.

They showed us a "model" apartment instead, and were told that the apartment he would receive was exactly the same, except with widened doorways, accessible bathroom, and that it would be on the first floor so a ramp wouldn't be needed.

The actual apartment IS on the first floor, however, it has a large step and is positioned in such a way that a portable ramp most likely would not even work (at least not safely).

The manager seemed to feel really awful about the situation, and wants to try to rectify things, but he's also not the person we originally met with, and he does not know if he is going to be able to come up with a new apartment in the close future that would meet the client's needs.

Dealing with Emods is also a nightmare and a half and can take months.

I am just so freakin' angry I can spit nails right about now.

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  1. PLEASE tell me the family got their deposit money back at least!?!