Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ugh this weather is awful.

It's been raining since the weekend. With no end in sight.

Makes my mood all blah. I have limited motivation. Makes my hot yoga classes much more killer.

My basement flooded yesterday. And I'm having awful hairdays.

Please rain, go away already. I want my sun back. The light and bright rays is definitely something I take for granted when I don't see them for a few days.

How is the weather in your part of the world? How do you deal with it raining every day straight?


Oh, before I forget, welcome new blogging friends. I see I have gotten a few more followers in the past few days :) Feel free to jump in and say hello.


  1. Hi! I'm a new reader! I'm Vikie and a senior in my BSW program in school. I love blogging and I thought I'd start blogging about the things I feel passionate about as well and have a place to let off steam (since we all know helping others isn't always easy). Please feel free to follow my blog. I am a loyal follower and consistent commenter! I'm so glad to be able to connect with social work "veterans". People that have been in the field for a while always have the best advice. Take care! ~Vikie~

  2. I feel your pain. We have had the same rainy weather here in T.O. Our basement flooded a couple months ago, so now we are paying for foundation repairs (it was really bad).

    But I hear Saturday is supposed to be sunny, and on this side of the border we have a long weekend, yahoo!

    Hope you can find your sunny spot in this glum spring.

  3. Hi guys. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Vikie, I tried the link for your blog and it doesn't work :(

    Anyways, tonight is basement clean-up. Boo!