Thursday, October 28, 2010

So sick

but I HAVE to go into work today. Two more client visits to meet for this month. One of them I finally got into the community from the nursing home yesterday after about FOUR long years. He needed a lot of that rehab time, trust me, but it was so nice that this his discharge has actually happened now.

I saw him at the center earlier this week and he hadn't started packing. I don't think he really believed it was going to happen.

Discharges to our program often can end up taking years because of the process in general......everything from being approved, a sudden change in the client's status, to the ever fun.........finding of housing.

So yeah, it's exciting that one of my people has finally come home so to speak.

I am going to go do my field visits, stop in the office and pick up my check and maybe sneak out a little bit early today........I just want to sleep and sleep. And even that's not really happening with this cold.

I haven't been able to go to one yoga class this week either because I totally felt like death warmed over by the end of each day. I hope I can shake this by the weekend!

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