Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fronting money for client-related expenses

I just realized this is something that REALLY annoys me about my job.

I often have to front money for client-related expenses mostly centering around transportation. I refuse to take clients in my own personal vehicle for a couple of reasons........first is the independence factor. I don't want them to think that just because I am their social worker, I should be readily available to drive them where they need to go. The second, is for the liability factor. I really have no desire to get sued, and risk losing my house if we get into a bad accident.

Anyways, because of this issue, I often find myself fronting $$$$ in advance for expensive things like cabs. I spent $75.00 a couple weeks ago on what was literally the cabride from HELL and have to do it again this morning. I get reimbursed obviously, but some weeks are leaner for me then others (especially with DH's situation), so it can be hard, and I do feel resentful.

I know it's even harder for some of my co-workers who make less money than I do (one lady told me she had to borrow money from her husband so she could go out of area to see a client she is bringing back into the community from a nursing home).

We have brought this up at a recent staff meeting, and have encouraged the company to look into leasing a cheap vehicle or do something like zipcar for these kinds of things. They are still "looking into it" but in the meantime.............this is our system.

I am going to bring this issue up again. We need some kind of petty cash system or our own company debit card.......do you have this issue at work? How do they address it?


  1. We have a massive issue with this where I work. We don't have petty cash. It is a big gripe of mine. I'm still waiting for a reimbursement of about £20 from a couple of months ago!

  2. I am also annoyed because I recently leased a new car, so obviously I can only put a certain number of miles on it a year. My boss is trying to pressure me to take on cases outside of my area. I don't want to because of the mileage factor. It's a big gripe of mine. This week alone I filled up my car twice----over $100.00. He's like "just submit your expense check" but that's NOT the point.