Monday, January 18, 2016

Ha ha

My old yoga mat magically reappeared yesterday.

It was on the side of our house, on top of a pile of siding that will eventually be going onto our home.

Since it's clear no one stole it, I rolled it up and put it in the back of my Jeep for safe-keeping.

Or to hopefully loan out if anyone new decides to join me for yoga in the near future who doesn't own a mat.

Speaking of new---I recently got a friend to join me, and she attended her 3rd class yesterday, and is loving it so far.  She even comes from far away and is talking about buying a package to use on the weekends. This is the best feeling....introducing someone to the yoga and them finding it meaningful enough to continue, despite the obstacles to make it TO as well as IN the hot room.

I'm off from work today so hoping to hit the studio later.

I went to class on Sat & Sun so if I make it tonight, I can count this class towards my 3-a-week goal.

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