Friday, December 5, 2014


I don't know if it's the full moon or what, but this week has seemed extra crazy to me.
Between several client fights and being in charge of their annual holiday party, I'm so happy it's finally Friday!

The party....ugh....overall it went well but it's still hard to listen to clients/families complain about FREE food and entertainment (a former patient volunteer btw), people who show up without RSVPing, etc..

I also interviewed another student who was not a good fit....interview #3 is scheduled for next week.
As an aside, I can't believe how many people enter social work school with the idea that it is a fast track to private practice, or even actually come out and bad mouth their previous placement.

I also have noticed a trend lately where many of the students I meet don't know what they want to do and social work is like, the third Master's they are pursuing.  

I'm trying to keep an open mind though.

And get through the holiday season both with my clients and myself.

How is your week going in Socialworkland or elsewhere?

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