Saturday, September 6, 2014

Great first week

Just a quick little update to say that DS had a great first week of back to kindergarten.

I feel like full day school is the link that has been missing from his life all along.

He looks forward to going each day, and has actually started asking to go to bed at night, which never ever happens in our house.

It's wonderful that he's so engaged all the time and loves to learn.

As for me, work has been crazy this week. Lots of action with many of my clients.  The program has also been growing, so several new people have started which has changed up the group dynamic a bit.

I haven't been to yoga in more than a week but I plan to change that this weekend. Finances are tighter now that we have to pay for monthly pre-care so I don't want to waste the $$$$ I'm spending on my monthly unlimited classes.

I also haven't been eating healthy much lately either so that needs to change.

My students are starting on Monday so I am hoping that goes well and I have no more drama for a bit in that department. I have decided that I'm just NOT dealing with it, so if I feel that someone is a bad fit, or they end up being too much work, off they will go......

Other than that not much new to report.  What's up in your world with crazy September?

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