Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Would anyone be interested?

My SIFI class wrapped up yesterday and what I've been carrying through this whole thing is that it can be very isolating being a field instructor. Even though I have my classmates and professor's contact info, I will miss that weekly venting and sense of unity.

I was wondering if anyone has thoughts about, or would even be interested in having an online community of sorts to chat about issues that occur in the field?

Students would also be a welcome part of the group, because I know issues in field go both ways.

I am struggling with the fact that like dealing with regular clients, it would still have to be somewhat anonymous though.

Especially when it comes to the very real concern of having "difficult" students (and to be fair, challenging field instructors, ha).

It would probably need to be a private group, but overall I think it could be a positive thing. Also looking at it as a resource to share learning ideas and regular "case" presentations.



  1. Not a social worker, but as a student speech pathologist and (now) reading teacher trainer I have come to deal with the field placements from both ends and its quite enlightening. I'd love to be part of an anonymous group to discuss issues!

  2. Thanks for responding. Still haven't gotten much feedback but will keep you posted :). It's tough because I worry about being "found out" if I write all that is going on.....