Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Paying out 'o pocket

The job I have can best be described as teaching, except I am in a classroom for "adults".

In any event, I am not spending tons, but there's just not $$$ really to reimburse me for stuff that makes the program better. My boss told me to stop laying out $$ because I probably would not be reimbursed.

(i.e. I just signed up for a movie subscription, once in awhile I bring in snacks for the clients to make, etc.).

I used to work at an agency where I was reimbursed for everything, so I find this weird. I also work for a really large system now which makes it doubly weird, but I guess that's the bureaucracy...........

Do you have similar where you are?

Obviously I am guessing if you are a teacher, this is the norm. LOL (or not).

Note: There is a small amount of $$$ but we can only use it certain times a year, and by then we are out of everything that would enhance the program. I could also have my clients do a fundraiser or ask them/their families to donate stuff, but I kinda feel that's not right, especially for people who are on a super-limited budget and faced with other hardships.


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