Thursday, January 10, 2013


I've been stressed out lately.

I think people around me often have a profound effect on me.

I need to remember this sound advice.

I also need to get back to my mat.

It's been another crazy week.

This weekend, I want to try to hit up 2 if not 3 yoga classes.

How do you deal when people all around you are gloom and doom?

Are you influenced by this kind of behavior?

Positively or negatively or both?

Happy almost weekend!


  1. I let people effect me way to often too! It sucks. It's been an awful week. Issues with work and family. I'm over it. I may need a vacation.

  2. Negatively, I'm like a sponge for negative people... I feel for them and then I feel like shit myself and nobody feels back for me. You know what - screw them! Seriously, try to block it out!

  3. Oh yes, negatively impacts me! And I bring it home. Between kids, working with my clients, and taking a full course load of graduate work, it doesn't take much to stress me! I have not yet mastered the importance of self-care...