Friday, December 21, 2012

May be a repeat

but like will this situation matter five days from now, it bears another mention.

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I am so thankful the weekend is here again.

And that we appear to have made it through the end of the world LOL.

I have much to do over the next several days.

I've done almost no Christmas shopping.

Just haven't been into it this year for some reason ;).

I plan to shop mostly local though.

I'm going to purchase mainly restaurant gift cards for the people on my list.

I think these will make a nice present, since so many of us rarely have a night out.

Also maybe a simple outfit or accessory for some others.

I am working on Christmas Eve and then we go to my inlaws for Italian Feast of the Fishes.

I usually host brunch on Christmas Day, and then make a lasagna for dinner (Note: Use no-cook noodles and no one will know the difference).

What about you guys?

What are your plans for the holidays?

Did you finish all of your shopping?

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