Friday, May 18, 2012

Another week has come and gone

in Socialworkland. While it wasn't overly stressful, I still had much to get done at work.

One task was to write a service plan for a really complicated client who is coming into the community early next month, and it took me longer than usual because he is so complex.

I also accompanied a co-worker for safety and support to confront a family member who has basically decided to move in with her client, which is NOT good at all. If he remains there, the client very well may lose services and get kicked off the program.

One of the things I am constantly saying about our work is that it would be much easier if we could just seperate our clients from their toxic family members.

As long as I have been working in human services, I still can't wrap my head around things that some parents do to their childen, how they justify their actions and think they are OKAY. While I GET it and understand it's basically generations of madness that has been passed down, it's still hard to process and sit back and watch.

Even moreso, because I work with adults, many who are capable of making their own decisions (even if they are bad decisions) and do not require a guardian.

As providers we can strategize and intervene but this is often a process, and we are often left waiting for something awful to occur before anything can really be done about the situation.

I think this is probably the most stressful part of being a social worker.

But, my week is basically over 'til Monday so I can put this stuff out of my head.

I picked up a new book at the library yesterday The Snow Child. I started reading it last night and can already tell I'm going to really enjoy it. I also need to finish up the Hunger Games series, so I am in the midst of lots of reading right now.

Tomorrow we are headed up to my sister's home in the mountains of Pennsylvania so I'm excited about that.

What about you my friends? How was your week? What are your plans this weekend?


  1. All adults have the fundamental right to make their own decisions - even bad ones:-) Most of the time, people have to learn (or not learn) from their own mistakes. It is, however, extremely frustrating for those of us who can do nothing but sit back and watch.

  2. You are so right and that is one of the hardest things in social work (outside of paperwork)! I'm happy to see I'm not the only one who had a week filled with "challenging" clients!

  3. Ah, The Snow Child is by an alaskan author! (It's sitting on my nightstand right now, it's based off of one of my very favorite fairy tales, I just need to finish the other books on my reading list. :P )
    I think people who work in social services are so amazing, it is such a difficult job, I can't even imagaine how heart-beaking it must be dealing with situations like this all of the time. You have my respect for that! I hope you have a lovely weekend, it sounds like a fun trip.