Thursday, September 30, 2010


I feel like I've had to hit the ground running this week.

I couldn't post about this last week, because it hadn't happened yet, but one of the people I was friendly with at work ended up getting fired. I think all of us at work, including my ex-co-worker knew this was coming. In any event, I've pretty much inherited all of their cases, which means I am now insanely busy. I will be taking a bunch of new clients into the community as well which is always a challenge because there is SO much work involved with discharges, between finding an apartment for the client to live in, to making sure all entitlements are set up properly. And then of course there are always a million and one things that happen with new clients that you can't predict.

So even though I am going to be super crazy now, this is good because it also will allow me to possibly make some extra money once I bring them on (our agency will give us bonuses if we can bring new clients on quickly, and also if we agree to carry extra cases beyond the agency maximum requirement).

I do feel bad for my friend though but I do sometimes think they may have known what they were doing. They weren't a social worker either (just had a BA and minimum amount of experience required for our position), and used to tell me frequently that they didn't like our job at all. So I think it probably worked out for everyone for the best.

DH is still struggling a lot with the business right now and has been talking about taking on a P/T job somewhere at night to help out in getting through the lean times. I wonder though in this economy----what is even going to be available. So this obviously continues to be pretty stressful for us.


  1. Wow, I've never heard of a social service agency that pays extra for anything. Is your work place a non-profit?
    Good luck with all of your extra cases, I've been there before!

  2. I work for a home care agency. It is a for-profit.